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Jemmima, sex starved wife of an AWOL husband could not take it any longer. After all personal sex therapy has failed her she allows herself to be lured into the grasp of a herdsman who knows his way around her body, but is also more than she bargained for.

After several rounds of heart banging sex with him, she becomes enslaved first by his magic on bed and quickly after, his fetish game play. She would a need strong masculine substitute plus some miracle to bring back her sanity and give her back her life.



Jemmila made a face at her, then sighed without shame. “Hmm, if not that he is a lowly cattle rarer, I would surely go out there to chat him up and probably take a closer look at his shaft,” she said regrettably, returning to her seat.

“You’ve seen hundreds, why is this one bothering you?” Jemima sounded possessive. It was as if she couldn’t bear Julia coming g to her area and stealing this one from under her nose. She should at least have one to look at even if she wasn’t getting it.

“This is surely a sign from above. The gods are quite aware that You need it, so they are practically waving it at you. What other conviction do you want? For someone to come and rape you?”

Jemima couldn’t say anything. She still couldn’t get the vision of that waving thing out of her head. It was almost as thick as her wrist and long too. And the guy spotting it was so slim that no one would suspect he was that endowed. She half-heartedly listened to Jemmila as she moved on to other topics. Jemima’s lust had just shot up astronomically and she must find a man. She couldn’t possibly ask Jemmila to hook her up with someone, the woman talked like a magpie. She might let it slip out of her mouth somewhere.

“Let me get you the drink,” she told her friend instead. “Enough of that dirty talk. How are your children? Have they resumed at direct new school?” She deliberately avoided asking about Julian as husband. It was one topic at the irritates her and made the woman bitter.

She located a small portion of brandy in her fridge. She poured even smaller portion into a glass cup, dropped some ice cubes in it, sloshed it and picked a chilled bottle of malt for herself and carried the hard drink to Jemmila .

Julia located the TV remote and changed the channel to NollyWood Movies. They talked more than they watched any movie.

After Jemmila left, Jemima decided to go hunting. She took the Mercedes and drove along Thambo Crescent where some respectable restaurants and bars had opened shop for the day. She sat in her car, parked some feet away from one of the joints arguing with herself if it was safe to go in there and order a drink, another malt, and thereby making friends with a male, but people knew her husband in this town. One of his friends might spot her. She decided to go to Wuse area or other area far from where they live, but who says her husband’s buddies won’t ply those places too. After all she wasn’t the only hunter on the prowl. Anything could happen.

Her phone rang then and she picked it, it was Ayo, her other friend. “I just saw your car parked outside where we are.

“Oh,” Jemima replied dumbly.

“Come on inside and meet my friends.”

That was how Jemima was able to walk into the bar. Ayo was with four other people and from the look of their table, they were really having a good time. And judging by the cloudy look on Ayo’s eyes, she was tanked-up already or halfway there. “What do you want? Have anything you like,” Ayo offered gaily, grinning benignly like Mother Christmas. Then she introduced her friends: her date for the night, a middle-aged man. Ayo was single and loving it; a couple, who were deeply into themselves and the only unattached guy there said his name was Sam.

Right from the second Jemima sat at the groggy table, Sam assumed that she needed his company. He was chatting her up, directing all his activities towards her. Jemima considered it a blessing, she didn’t have to look any further.

“Do you come here often?” he asked her unnecessarily.

“No,” Jemima answers him, self-conscious. She was very much aware of his male news pressing against her, trying to crowd or overpower her. He had this domineering attitude. Like someone who took things without asking the owner. He defiantly took women unasked. From the way his arm curved on the table, in an arch facing her, and the other arm on her chair, almost around her shoulders. For anyone watching them, the first impression would be that she and the guy, Sam, were already into each other for a long time. Not an inkling that they just met not even up to 30 minutes ago. Maybe Jemima’s stiff body language would indicate otherwise. That’s if anyone could see past Sam’s covering presence.

Sam first started with subtle flirting and then moved up to touching her at any slightest opportunity. First, it was brushing her arm with his, then his thigh touching hers as they were sitting close to each other. Before she had spent an hour there, his elbow had brushed at her breast more than once. Each time he brought down his left hand along her chair to pick up his glass of beer.

“You only drink soft?” he asked her as he lifted his glass to take a sip.

Jemima’s nodded. She wasn’t liking the free man’s she had earlier thought. If anything, she felt jittery. It all felt wrong. Maybe because of the guy tossing her hard.

“I will take you some here you would enjoy best fresh pressed juice, with a dash of hard drink to keep you hot inside. Ready for bed.” He winked salaciously at her.

Jemima’s inhaled and exhaled, she was no longer hiding her disinterest in whatever he had to offer. She was now sure this guy could go to a radio station to announce whatever she ended up doing with him. He was the type that wouldn’t resist sharing with his cronies, and the world at large, how he slept with a married woman. How his dick was irresistible to married women in this town.

The couple were the first to announce they were leaving, then Ayo’s date pulled her up and announced they had to leave. Jemima got up too. Her by-force date stood beside her as if they came together. They all left the bar at the same time. Sam had come with Ayo, he asked Jemima to drop him off at his house. It was more of a demand.

“I can’t,” she told him. He lingered on making small talks until others had left.

“Then you have to drop me off where I can easily walk home or get a taxi.” He pushed. “My Range is in the maintenance. Hope you don’t mind.”

“I doubt I’m going your way,” she prevaricated, wanting to extricate herself from him.”

“It doesn’t matter.” He gave a smile that would have been sexy was it coming from a different hunk. It annoyed her instead.

“Okay,” Jemima capitulated, albeit reluctant. She couldn’t possibly be seen dropping off a single guy at his house. She could lift him elsewhere but his house. They got into her car and before she could key on the car, Sam had grabbed her and smothered her with a kiss. Automatically, she responded at first, owing to the fact that she had been aroused since morning. Sam wasn’t bad looking. He was the typical dark and handsome guy any girl could like anytime. On face value.

Much as she disliked is person, her libido was betraying her.

She allowed him kiss her, or maul her lips. His mouth actually tasted good. With a tinge of sweetness from the drink he had before. His hot breath on her face.

He had his right hand all over her breasts, squeezing each so hard as he slid his tongue down her mouth. She kept her hands by her side. Perfectly still. When he had finished mauling her breasts, he transferred to beneath her skirt, seeking her vagina with his strong hand. Luckily, it was safely tucked in under her tummy, sandwiched between her thighs. She didn’t move to allow him access.

He wasn’t relenting. His fingers searched, tugged at her dress. She didn’t budge, he became frustrate d and abandoned that project.

“How about having a quick fuck in the car,” he muttered, his breath heavy and rough.

She could hear Jemmila’s words in her head: no one would know.

Maybe no one would know if she handled it well. Maybe she misjudged him. She could follow him now and get what she wanted. Less than an hour would be enough.

“You won’t regret it. It’s gonna be the best fuck of your life.” He kissed her again.

Jemima moved her mouth away from his. She wasn’t sure she should go with him.  He was too forward.

She didn’t really know him. He could be one of those guys with diarrhoea of the mouth. “I don’t think it is a good idea.”


“I know you are married,” he told her, touching the ring on her finger. “But it doesn’t matter. Your husband doesn’t have to know.”

Mentioning her husband counted against him instantly. She hated him right there. How dare he talk about her husband without respect? That showed he wouldn’t have any respect for her either. He was just a player out there looking for whom to use. And he would likely brag about it. “Get down,” she ordered him.

“What?” he was surprised at her change of heart. “I can see you need this. What I am going to give you, you can never get it from your husband. I am excellent in bed. I will make you come over and over again.”

“Just get out before I push you out,” she growled at him.

He hissed. “You are just a desperate cunt. You should be happy someone wanted to scratch your itch. Bitch.” He got down, slammed the car door and strolled off.

Jemima, shaking, bowed her head on the steering to regain her composure. She almost made a terrible mistake. Imagine allowing that creep to kiss her and touch her. She keyed her car and drove past him, wishing there was a dirty puddle nearby so she could splash it all over him for being a dick.

She got home, had her bath, climbed into bed naked as usual and used her fingers to pleasure herself.




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