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Lust is a blindfold. Julius falls into the trap of a man eater who posseses a womanly beauty no man has ever seen in Venus. Venus comes with an innocent look as Julius likes them. He is crazy about her. Dazed out of his senses by the imaginations of what he could do to her on bed, he went in with all he could.

But Venus is more than human. She offered him the sex of his life in hurricane measures but that was also the problem.

The sex was killing him. His inability to keep them coming was killing Venus too. She needs to find her match and he needs to find his life again.

Somewhere else, Liam and his tool was too much to handle for any regular girl that they run away from him. Fate brings him in contact with Venus, from there it becomes a question of who will sex the living day light out of the other.

Meanwhile, Julius seeks a new life away from Venus but little did he know that she wasn’t done with him.



They returned to their hotel room. Julius made great effort to assimilate calmly or simply adjust to the new knowledge he just acquired of his new wife. He further rationalised it with the simple explanation, to himself, that they knew themselves just the other day. Not long enough to know every single thing about themselves. She hadn’t met is own family after all.

After explaining things to himself well enough to gain peace of mind. And to accept that he had married a variance of society chick instead of the quiet, simple, poor girl he had expected. The only thing remaining then was to find out how innocent she was in bed. He expected her to still be intact.

That night, in their hotel room, he was hit hard with another shocker. Not really shocked. He was disappointed instead. Grossly disappointed.

She wasn’t a virgin.

“I thought I was going to be your first,” he complained, disappointment and frustration showing in his demeanour as he stared down at her. They were both naked, his penis sleek from sliding smoothly in and out of her wetness with Iittle restriction. He felt shame. Shame that he had been fooled after years of searching and picking.

“Does it matter?” she asked him, unperturbed.

He sighed, getting off her, his erection flagging. He sat on the bed, backing her. “It does when I was hoping for it.”

She turned on her side to glare at him. “Well, I didn’t tell you I was a virgin, did I?”

“But you said you would only sleep with your husband,” he exploded, then forcing himself to control his temper. He rubbed at his face with his bare hands as if to wash off the shame and frustration.

“I can’t recall sleeping with anyone before. Maybe I lost it somehow without realising it. And please can we drop the matter?”

He shook his head angrily, jumping to his feet to pace the floor, his entire frame vibrating in anger. “No, I won’t. I went through this trouble of doing whatever you wanted because I believed I had found a gem in you. That you were sincere and pure.”

She scuffed. “Are you for real? Pure? What in fuck’s name are you talking about?”

Her use of language jolted him as if he mistakenly stepped on a snake with his bare feet. He thought he was in a bad dream. This couldn’t be Venus; the reserved innocent girl he had come to cherish. He looked at her intently, trying to decipher who she really was. To see behind the façade she had on.

“And stop staring at me like that,” she snapped. “Better come and finish what you started.” She spread her legs. “Come and fuck me.”

Julius was horrified. He stood beside her, swept his hand over her naked form and spread-eagled legs.

“What is this?” he asked her in a voice meant to sound disdainful.

“My cunt needing your prick?” she opened her legs wider. “Come here, now.”

He looked away. “You must be insane. Something is definitely wrong with you.” He turned, snatched his trousers from the only chair in he room and began to shove his legs into it. About to show that he was a man not to be toyed with. He was going to storm out of the room.

That was when he felt the pain for the first time. The ache started from his chest, gripping and squeezing it like a fist of steel. He groaned out in agony. It grew worse as the time passed and he could barely speak. It radiated to other parts of his body crushing him to the floor. He tried to bear it like a man, but he believed he was dying. Maybe heart attack. The disappointment and shock he experienced that day must have done him. He was going to die in London. Away from his family and friends. Alone with a woman he hardly knew.

“Either you climb on top of me now and make love to me or you will die here,” Venus told him evenly.

Julius managed to pick himself up and wobbled to the bed as his head swam, dropped his frame on top of her, the pain ceased immediately like it never was.

He became quite terrified, realising he had acquired more than he bargained for.

He stared at her, numbed, as she slipped her hand between their bodies and grabbed his manhood, and magically brought it back to life despite its numbed state. She was stroking it, running her hand along the frigid shaft, and squeezing his balls. She did something to his balls no woman had ever done before, and power surged to its shaft, giving him the strongest erection he had ever produced consciously.

She looked into his face and smiled. “You”ve been dying to get inside me since you set your eyes on me at your boutique. I know that. You saw my young body and wanted it. Now you have the chance and you are shrinking back, pun intended.”

Julius’ breath became heavy. He was getting aroused despite himself. He didn’t want to have sex with her any longer until he knew what he was dealing with.

“Who are you?” he croaked.

“I thought you knew me.” She grinned. “I am Venus.”

“What are you?”

“Venus.” She turned him over with little effort. There was an unseen strength hidden in her supple body. Straddling him, his erection disappearing inside her warm orifice. She threw back her head and moaned loudly, and began to rock wildly. Her body moved in a fluid motion, but strong. Julius held unto the mattress, his eyes wide open and looking at her.

He groaned, deeply afraid. He couldn’t feel what she was doing. His mind wasn’t in it as he imagined one thousand things she could be. Maybe a witch. No ordinary person could cause such pain he just experienced. He must think of how to get away from her. He must save himself. He had heard enough weird stories of strange women trapping gullible men, majority he never believed, until now. He was yet to determine how deep the shit he had gotten himself in was , but the little he had seen was scary enough.

Where had he gone wrong, he asked himself.

She suddenly screamed with release and collapsed on him making deep gurgling sounds in her throat like she just swallowed something big. Then began to purr sensually, her eyes closed. Her fingers drawing long stokes on his body, from his chest to his navel. She did that for more than three minutes. Drawing invisible strokes on his bare body. A motion that seemed more ritualistic than sexual.

She stayed still for few minutes then got hold of his dick again, slipping into her mouth this time and sucked it sloppily but vigorously. He was surprised to see it sprang to life again. It seemed he no longer had control over his genital.

He lay prone, watched her do her thing. She used every part of his body that could be used sexually. She had sex him all night until he couldn’t move due of exhaustion. She let him go in the wee hour of the morning. Every part of his body ached, including his heart. That part of him was devastated. Pain and fear.

Few hours later, she ordered room service, a breakfast tray of eggs, sausages, bacon, baked beans and a pot of coffee for Julius, nothing for her. She then proceeded to feed him while he lay in bed staring at her. He noticed that feeding him was part of her game. She had this glazed, mischievous look in her eyes and on her face, even the tiny smile on her lips. She fed him like she was fattening him up for eating.

Julius felt as if he no longer dwelled in this world. For all it was worth he could be living in the underworld with a witch queen. He had become a character in one of those bizarre stories of strange women who inhabit human bodies and prey on unsuspecting men. He used to regard those stories as bogus and never thought he would ever encounter anything like that.  Now he was being featured in one. Who would believe him? His family?

Yes, his family. But he was ashamed. He had cut them off. Or this woman had made him cut them off. Took him away from home, and far away. Where nobody knew him.

Should he go to the police? And tell them what? That he was kidnapped with juju or what? She didn’t kidnap him. Not exactly. But she did kidnap him. She manipulated him into kidnapping himself for her.

He felt a twinge of tear grab at him. His heart sank in a dark stream of uncertainty. New fear drizzling on the old ones. He didn’t know what to do. He was too ashamed to call his family or anyone. He had pranced around town when things appeared good, telling all who cared to listen how he had found a gem. A spotless woman. The love of his life. The best. He had boasted to the envy of his friends and foes who had ordinary wives or girlfriends. He even told them he was marrying a virgin. He twitted and Instagrammed how patient dogs eat the fattest bone. And how to choose the right woman. And how to avoid money hungry runz girls in Abuja. He became a relationship expert on social media. How now could he go back to these same people to tell them he was a fool after all?

He just had to put up with this bravely, bid his time and escape. Nobody needed to know. He would close down his social media accounts and go blank. In fact that was the first thing he would do.

He picked up his phone from the side table. Venus gave him a look from where she sat, filing her nails. A look that said, are you serious?

Julius pulled down all his social media accounts. Before doing that, he had curiously scrolled through his messages and comments on his walls. People were asking about his wedding in London. Congratulating him. Asking for pictures of him and his bride. He hadn’t posted any. The shock that hit him yesterday didn’t let him remember to take pictures. And now, he was glad he didn’t. And luckily, they didn’t marry in a proper church or court. So, he could easily deny ever being married. That thought gave him a ray of hope in his gloomy condition. He was going to disappear and pretend this never happened. That he never met Venus.

He sighed. Venus gave him a look again. This time, what gives?

He dropped his device beside him on the bed, rolled on his side and closed his eyes. He needed to sleep.


For two weeks they were in London he suffered as her sex slave, doing whatever she wanted him to do. He practically lived indoors in the nude, only the bed sheet covering his shred of dignity.

He had paid for 7 days in the hotel, but didn’t know how they were able to stay 7 extra days. He suspected Venus and her friends and relatives did something about it.

Sometimes, she went out in the afternoons. Stayed hours outside. She didn’t tell him where she went to. He tried leaving the hotel room the first time she was gone, but couldn’t find his clothes. None of his clothes, not even his boxers or singlet.

He didn’t ask her about it when she returned later in the evening, he waited till the next morning and when he did ask her, she told him they were with the laundry people. “Housekeeping will bring them when they are ready.”

“I didn’t ask for them to be washed,” he complained weakly. He lacked much strength in him for she had fucked him all night. “They weren’t dirty.”

She gave him that her look. “I didn’t know they were clean.”

For the 14 days they were in the hotel, housekeeping didn’t bring his clothes and he got tired of asking. The next day, on the 15th day, his clothes appeared. Venus dumped them on the bed near him. She was fully dressed. Her bags packed.

“You forgot our flight is in two hours time. You don’t want to go home again?”

He couldn’t stagger off the bed fast enough. Snatched up his trousers. He was dressed in less than a minute, packed his bag, made sure his passport was in the bag and was good to go.

The flights back home was uneventful. Julius either slept or worried about what to do with Venus as soon as they arrived Abuja. They hardly spoke during the flights. They sat there in the planes like two total strangers, ordinary seat mates.




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